Problems sleeping

United States
March 23, 2007 5:15am CST
I have sleeping problems. I find I sleep random hours. It is mostly at night or early morning when I do sleep. I find drinking helps me sleep sometimes, but I still end up waking up within 4-6 hours and not getting a full nights rest. Anyone have any opinions on how I might fix this?
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• Philippines
25 Mar 07
Actually that's is my problem too. I do have an insomnia and its really hard for me to sleep well at night. I dunno, they said its psychological and i think yea it is. There's a tendency that its really hard for me to catch a good sleep coz there's a lot of things that lingering on my mind. For some reasons that i dont know why, there's so many things that keep on flashing on my mind and i cant help but to think about it thought i dont have to. There's also an tendency that i dont wanna take a nap before bed time coz i wanna reserve it till the best time for me to sleep comes. But then, even its bedtime now, it is still hard for me to sleep. It really su**s my life for about 6months now. I am not sure how to cure it but im doing such a lot of efforts just to over come this insomnia of mine. I wanna share with you something that im doing, for me to get a well rounded sleep at night. I am not taking pills bydway just to help me to sleep well coz i dont wanna be dependent with it. What im doing is that, i always make sure that im feeling tired before sleep time so that, it would be easy for me to sleep right away. Sounds like im desperate huh? Well yeah i think so. But that the only thing i know to help me out of my insomnia. Have a nice day ahead! And Godspedd!
• United States
24 Mar 07
Warm baths about an hour or so before you intend to go to bed is a good idea. Your body temperature rises and then drops slowly, that temperature drop helps make you tired and helps you sleep. Chamomile tea helps relax you and put you to sleep too.
@jimbomuso (950)
23 Mar 07
I've had problems sleeping throughout my life. The main think is having a routine of going to bed and getting up.I some times only get 2-3 hours a night. I find a nice long bath helps me relax before I try and sleep. Try and cut down on the caffine, if you work out try and do it at lest 3 hours before sleep, this way your natural endorphins will aid you to sleep. Drinking to help you fall assleep is a potentially dangerous routine to get into!! Go and see your Doctor and discuss the options, and if your gonna use sleeping tablets remember its a short term solution(I use the word lightly). hope that helps :)