Laughter reduces chronic stress keeps you healthy!

March 23, 2007 5:17am CST
How do you actually reduce the levels of chronic stress in your body and enhance your lifespan, boost immune system function, protect your nervous system and your sanity, and give your endocrine system a much-needed rest? Fortunately, there are several easy ways to do this, and laughter is the easiest one. Laughter can help counteract the destructive, negative health consequences of chronic stress. By engaging in laughter, you can boost both your mind and your body. Laughter is a healing activity. Watch the movie called "Patch Adams", which is a movie about a real life doctor who still practises today and uses laughter as a healing therapy. He's quite correct in using laughter as a healing therapy, because it is one of the most healing activities in which one can engage. Laughter also boosts blood circulation, so at the same time oxygen is being distributed around your body. By laughter you are exercising your abdominal muscles, you are exercising the muscles of your face, and enhancing the flexibility of various joints throughout your body. So it's a bit of physical exercise and healthful body movements as well. The harder you laugh, the greater the effect. If you can find a way to put yourself into a state of rolling, you're going to get a fantastic physical workout from it. In fact, the next day, you may even find your stomach muscles are sore. Have you ever laughed so hard that your stomach hurt and your facial muscles were exhausted? That's some serious exercise, and it's the kind of exercise in which we should all engage on a regular basis. So laugh your way to good health!
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