to or not to confront a friend who is a victim of domestic violence

@dudess (24)
March 23, 2007 8:24am CST
hey, i live in flats and have a friend of mine living right above me with her husband and they have been married for 3 years and my husband know them very well. very often we hear arguments turning loud (thats when we shut all the windows and turn on the volume of the tv).then i hear my friend crying very loud and screaming as if she is in pain and the man laughing or shouting.all this is followed by sound of things being thrown on the floor and furnitures being banged, then silence.its so loud and often that my 3 year old son asks me whats happening in their house. first i started to ignore it.then slowly i asked her if she had a fight when she came to talk to me as i could see her eyes were puffed up and she looked like a mess. she confides in me that they fought but it was all her fault and how she was wrong and how good he is.she also told me that when her husband gets angry he throws things around often breaking them to peices but oh he is ever so loving. well it seems a little strange to me that how she is always trying to protect and potray her husband as loving and good( she overdoes it). iam so short of asking her if he is hitting her( iam so sure he does).so help me people should i or shouldnt i? i really love my friend and i care for her.
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