"How green are you?"

@zlesing (487)
March 23, 2007 8:57am CST
I see this topic in my Students' Book,it says like that: How Green are you?(Give each item in the quiz a number from 1 to 5) Do you...? 1.avoid throwing things away if they can be reused,repaired,or recycled 2.use recycled paper 3.recycle paper,glass,and cans 4.avoid products from nonrenewable sources 5.avoid buying overpackaged products 6.walk or use a bike when traveling short distances 7.use public transportation when traveling long distances 8.avoid using the airconditioning in the summer 9.make sure the heat isn't turned up too high in the winter 10.use low-energy lighbulbs 11.turn off the lights when you leave a room 12.avoid using more water than you need when I added up the numbers from the quiz above,I found I am a green person.I'm so happy to see this answer.Are you also a green person? The interpretation of your quiz score is: Score 12-23: You're so green ,it's unbelievable!Are there even more things you do to protect the envirnment? 24-35: You're very environmentally aware.You care about and respect the world around you. 36-47: You do some things to protect the environment,but there's always room for improvement. 48-60: You're not green at all.Be aware of the things you can do and try.Everything you do will help.
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@ZowieR (942)
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24 Mar 07
:d - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
I'm green, but for a whole nother reason.
@zlesing (487)
• China
8 Dec 07