Wormtail in dept with Harry..........!

March 23, 2007 9:22am CST
Remember...,at the end of H.P-3,Dombledore has told HARRY tht Wormtail is in dept to him coz he saved his life ....do u think Wormtail will die for Harry at some point in the last book
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10 Apr 07
if he does not die then he will atleast help harry at some point of time. besides wormtail was not treated properly in snape's house in the sixth part that might intice him to join harry against voldemort but we must wait to see
@GregHenry (141)
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23 Mar 07
Yup.. and then in the fourth book, wormtail gives his flesh willingly, harry's blood is taken forcibly... When dumbledore hears of this.. harry imagines a glint of triumph in his eyes . This has been widely discussed by people..though no one knows if there is something in it. However, going by dumbledores way of seeing life and valuing love more than any other magical power, he may not be meaning any great and complex magical bond between harry and wormtail that may have some effect on wormtail or voldemort but as the people have suggested a simple act of kindness may be the thing. Whatever it is, im sure that Wormtail will play an important role in the last book.