whats the feeling of having a brother or sister?

March 23, 2007 10:34am CST
am the only child thats why i didn't experience to have a broter or a sister.. so now i am asking you..
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• China
23 Mar 07
sisters - we help each other
i have two sisters,when i was a child,we often played together,my sisters cared for me and taught me many knowledges.we help each other when we are adults.
23 Mar 07
I have 2 older siblings who are 11 yrs older than me and alos a little sister who is 11 yrs younger than me. My older 2 siblings are just like friends really. i didn't play with them etc when growing up, but there is a feeling of family love there, like you may have for your grandmother. My youngest sister is wonderful and the feelings I have for her are like that of a mother to her daughter. I would die for her without thinking. I do wish that I had had a sibling around the same age as me while growing to play with, but then lots of people hate there brothers and sisters.