What did/will you do when you actually saw/see someone sleepwalking?

March 23, 2007 11:26am CST
Pretty scary, huh? So, what do you usually do? Or have you seen one actually sleepwalking in front of you? I think I'd freak out.. but then, some said you should wake them up coz' they might fall down the stairs or go berserk, lol. What did you do or what will you do?
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• Philippines
25 Mar 07
Well yeah i guess its really scary but we should help them to cure their bad sleeping habits. I haven't seen any people who's actually walking while sleeping, but i have seen many people who's actually talking in their sleep. It's pretty funny actually but they should be awake when we see this kinds of people who's having the bad mannerisms. Specially those people who's really walking while sleeping, coz we never know where they could go and perhaps they'll get an accident if there's nobody sees them and stop them. LIke for example, there's a boy who's walking while sleeping and his room is on the 2nd floor, then he went outside and suddenly he takes the ladder going down without having any idea that he's actually in danger you know? Thank God i dont have that kind of bad mannerisms at all. and also my family dont have it. But actually one of my brother has a tendency to talk in his sleeps and its so funny. hehe Like he sounds like playing with his playmates and actually having fights with them in his dreams. We always laugh evrytime we hear him saying something in his sleep. hehe Have a nice day ahead!
• Philippines
25 Mar 07
i know! my sister also does that, and one time she told me it happened to me too, but not that often. yeah, i think we should wake them up especially if we're aware and they're not. oh wait, how can they know? lol..
• Canada
27 Mar 07
When I was younger my brother saw me sleepwalking into the kitchen. He left me alone and eventaully I went back to my room. I heard that if you see a sleepwaker, you shouldn't wake them up because you'll scare them. If I saw a sleepwalker, I leave them alone, and just follow them to make sure they don't hurt themselves and that they get back safely
• Pakistan
24 Mar 07
my fathe r told me once that his relative had this habit,he daily went & through the blanket in dug.