Eragon Review Pt. 2 (Sorry! It wouldn't let me post it all in the first one!)

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March 23, 2007 12:06pm CST
This contains spoilers just like in my first post. Please forgive me for posting it again, but I didn't know there was a limit to how long your posts could be. I spend a lot of time typing that all up, too! Here is the rest of my review. In the battle between the Empire and the Varden near the end of the movie, it is set up completely wrong. In the movie, tar is poured all over the battlefield so that Saphira can light it on fire during the fight in order to kill the Urgals.In the book it is Eragon who almost dies (from Durza's mind probing and the use of magic when he wasn't strong enough), and Saphira saves him. At the end of the book, a mysterious figure is introduced who tells Eragon to go to Elesmera, the land of the Elves, to continue his training. In the movie, Eragon just sort of knows he has to go there. Oh and at the end of the movie, there is a hint of romance between Arya and Eragon, and in the book it is only portrayed as Eragon having a crush on her because of her beauty, and she leaves Eragon. In the book, it is important that they stay together so that she can take them to Elesmera. Overall, this movie was probably more suited for a younger audience, which is most likely why they left out so many parts of the book and has a PG rating. However, if you're going to do a movie like Eragon, at least do it right. Don't disappoint those like me who have read the book and have waited for over a year to see the movie. Chronicles of Narnia was done very well, is suited for a younger audience, and followed the book much more closely than Eragon did. They could have and should have done a much better job making this movie, and I suggest they make major improvements for the next one, or else it is going to be a flop and a huge thumbs-down just like the first. Since they left out so much of the story, the second movie will probably be just as poorly done as the first one was, and I don't even know if I will want to see it when it comes out. *I would like to clarify that I am a HUGE fan of the books and absolutely cannot wait until the third one comes out!!
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