how about bourocracy in your university?

@LiminaL (164)
March 23, 2007 3:36pm CST
Alongo these years of university, I've been into serious troubles and proccupations because of the lack of organization and coherence in my university system. I've just found out some more right a minute ago... Any bad experience in the field? I have lost my scholarship after 2 years because they where missing a document that I had actually given them! And more than this...
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@kurtbiewald (2628)
• United States
23 Mar 07
sounds strange to me I don't think it works like that If you get in, you do the FAFSA form, then you get grants of Sallie Mae loans at like 4% They make sure that if your grades are ok, you keep getting at least loans. Maybe when you graduate, you might owe $20K or something for a state school Maybe Harvard or MIT is might be $120K anyway, presumably you go to school so you can earn tons of money So you owe $120 K and Earn 100K to start, no prob then, thats how it usually goes i think
@LiminaL (164)
• Italy
25 Mar 07
Maby in the Usa, but from my university in Italy it occurred to be this way. I was having the right marks to apply for the scholarship, but I had to do it by filling a long document, and by providing detailed peapers about my economical condition, and my family's. What happened is simply that they lost a peaper regarding my declaration of family possessions. Unfortunaely I was not able to find the receipt indicating that I had been submitting all the documents required, so there's not solution to this case, since I cannot prove that it was them to actually loose the form and not me to skip it