What can Internet do for us?

Internet - What can Internet do for us?
March 23, 2007 8:34pm CST
What can Internet do for us? Internet has four main applications as follows: l. E-mail. With Internet, people can compose, send, and receive electronic mails. Many people get dozens of messages a day and consider it as their primary way of interacting with the outside world, far outdistancing the telephone and snail mail. 2. News. Newsgroups are specialzied forums in which users with a common interest can exchagne messages. Thousands of newsgroups exist on Internet,on technical and nontechnical topics,including computers, science, ecreation, and politics. 3. Remote login. Using the Telnet,Rlogin, or other programs, the user anywhere on Internet can log into any other machine on which he has an account. 4. File transfer. Using the FTP program, it is possible to copy files from one machine on Internet to another. Vast numbers of articles, databases, and other information are available in this way. What else can you tell me?
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