was INDIA vs SRILANKA match fixed?/??????

@kyran_12 (645)
March 23, 2007 8:51pm CST
today 24th march was INDIA vs SRILANKA, as the cricket world was very excited about match and people put cores rupees and dollors on betting,,,i think it was a fixed game.......first thing to come to mind ..is as everyone was expecting india to win the game and thinking as if india gets out of world cup after this game it is total loss for this world cup as most of the sponsership is from india only...and then concerning this most of the people put the money on india to win.......and in turn as to gain of the this cores of income bookies fixed it to india to loose.....thins is only i think in one perspective ............. .............................and the only thing is to crosscheck is whether barmuda beats bangladesh or not.....if it is a fixed game then definately burmuda will beat bangladesh.......and why i think like this i'll tell you only if burmuda wins .....but then what do you think about the game yesterday?
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• India
24 Mar 07
i really dont think that the match was fixed. its just that the players did not play well and moreover the cricketers know the consequences of loosing the game. they know how the people of india are crazy about cricket and knowing they wouldnt dare to fix a match