OMG!! MSN is killing written language. LOL!!

March 23, 2007 9:40pm CST
I must admit, I use MSN extensively as I liev in a rural area and it has become a huge way for me to talk to my friends that have now moved 1000s of miles away! Sitting in Tim Hortons the other day (coffee shop in Canada) I overheard these highschool kids chatting in line. They were talking in MSN lingo, using OMG, OMFG, WTF, BRB, and LOL, all in the span of 10 minutes. Are we slowly losing our ability to speak? Have we become so caught up in doing things the short way that we are losing how to effectively communicate? Also, they recently ran a test on the streets of Toronto (Ontario). They randomly asked people on the street to cursive write a small paragraph, people of all ages, ethicinity, and gender. What was appalling were the people in my age group and younger (so 30 yrs and younger) their writing was atrocious, many spelling errors, grammatical errors. The writing itself was atrocious and almost illegible. The younger people said that these days they use the laptop for almost everything, even in class. When I went to school we never had computers in the classroom. We had computer class but that was for 30 minutes everyday. Do you think we as a society are losing something wonderful by going to the computer?
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24 Mar 07
it's crazy, how many people are using internet lingo in real life now. I couldn't believe it the first time I heard someone say "OMG" instead of oh my god. And the fact that they say "lol" instead of actually laughing? Crazy. So many people compliment me on my handwriting, because it's so neat. When I see other people's handwriting, so many times I can barely read it. It's true, computers are basically ruining the art form of writing. Nobody sits down and writes letters anymore. They use email instead, they write papers and take takes on their laptops, instead of in notebooks. Sometimes I can't believe what teenages don't know about writing and grammar and spelling. It's atrocious.