I think egold have scammed me!!!!!!

March 23, 2007 11:13pm CST
Hi all I am having a problem. Few days back i paid someone $50 from my e gold account. When i again tried to access my account yesterday it says invalid pass,i thought i may of been hacked but when i try to make a payment to my account i get this message: Error(s) detected: The PAYEE_ACCOUNT specified is not a valid account Now i know its a vaid account because i own it and also i had around $150.00 I have contacted E-gold and here is the email i sent to them: e-gold Account: 4020765 Question: Hi there i recenty called e gold regarding my account.I am unable to access it as it says its invalid why is this??? Also there is approx $150.00 in the account.Please let me know what is going on urgently Thanks Then i received a reply with a crummy answer: On 21/03/07, EG DDU wrote: The block will not be removed. Your account was blocked under our Right of Association clause in the account user agreement. Quoting from the e-gold Account User Agreement: Terms of Use --- begin quote 4.6. Right of Association Issuer reserves the right to refuse service to particular individuals or entities, at its sole discretion, with or without cause. --- end quote Thank You, Due Diligence Unit So now i have sent this as a reply as i think something is not right here: So what you mean to say is you have the right to steal my money without me having a say in the matter? All i want is a reasonable explanation not some bullshit quote.This is way out of order and i would like a rashional explanation as i will also be seeking legal advice. Please email me futher details into an expanation as to what is going on Seems to me they reserve the right to close ANYONES e gold account without any explanation. I think i may find a different method of payment and advise any e gold users to get their funds elsewhere.... Imagine how many people they do this to a day!!?? This is madness!!! $100 x 50 people a day $5000 profit
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@neon2000 (2761)
• Philippines
24 Mar 07
E-gold have not spammed you. Someone has hacked your e-gold. If you are going to take any transactions in e-gold, check if your e-gold address is secured meaning it is https://e-gold.com when accessing your account. You should use SRK for password protect login. And last but not the least, the response coming from your complaint seem doesn't come from ligitimate e-gold company but from the hacker.
• India
24 Mar 07
Nope E-gold is the one and the only one scammed me , I mailed them about this matter and they replied me with some crap quotes like they have the right to close any ones account with out asking and etc etc which you can see in my first post .. I just registered a complain with IC3 and waiting for response from them .
@mjsdls (1840)
• United States
24 Mar 07
I have an account with them, but I do not like egold. I like paypal. egold is to confussing. I do not have a balance in egold.
• India
24 Mar 07
Well Good for you , I too have a paypal account but I prefered E-gold more cuz of its less fee and also ease of transaction but i was wrong , shouldnt have trusted this scammers .
@moreinfo (3867)
• China
24 Mar 07
i have several e-gold accounts used for several years, never have any problems, and also have helped tons of members out with e-gold issues.
@shakeroo (3990)
• Malaysia
24 Mar 07
Wow that is something serious. Are you sure that you do not use your account to fund or receive fund from somewhere that violates their terms and conditions. I don't know but here on myLot you only have paypal and e-gold and from what I heard paypal is even worse when it comes to taking your money away... Hope that somebody can shed some lights on your issue.