John Edwards getting more election campaign votes because of wifes cancer

United States
March 24, 2007 12:21am CST
Do you think that Presidential candidate John Edwards should get more votes and media attention because of the fact that his wife having announced that she is battling breast cancer? Now don't think me a harsh and uncaring person, because I am far from it! I feel sorry for his wife and for the whole family. That is not my point at all, I just can't stand to see an election campaign being run around the fact that his wife has a potentially fatal disease. I also want to point out in all fairness that his wife did say that she wanted him to go on with his campaign, but she is also his campaign manager, so what else is she really supposed to say?I think we should just the candidate on their platforms and where they stand on the issues that affect our country and not on their families illnesses don't you?
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