Virginity!! How much importance it is for you?

@gloria777 (1678)
March 24, 2007 2:20am CST
I just want to ask first to the girl/ladies here. Whats your view on virginity. Do you take extra care on this. Secondly for the boys here - Are you serious on Virginity about yourself and your future partner.
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@rjdreyes (157)
• Japan
24 Mar 07
before i answer the second question, i don't have any against were the person is isn't a virgin or still a virgin. I really serious about the virginity regardless in particular situation or view point. Let's say, i just had a friend of mine, he is a very conservative type, and i don't know why he acted that way, maybe because on his surroundings or understanding in virginity, he said that virginity is kept until the right time comes on your future partner. I really admired him for his decision and his view point on virginity. When i ask him if he's still a virgin, he said yes i'm proud to say i'm still a virgin. he had a girlfriend, and he said to me that his future mate is not anymore a virgin, but he said it doesn't matter, as long as you loved somebody, virginitiy is not anymore an issue.
@gloria777 (1678)
• India
24 Mar 07
Your friends attitude is really remarkable. One should be keep himself/herself virgin, but should not force the same to others. thanks for the response.
• Philippines
24 Mar 07
It's not important at all. But if my guy's a virgin he has to tell me, so I could make his first time extra special :p
• United States
24 Mar 07
Its not much of much importance to me at all. I think a big part of a relationship is intimacy.