indian cricket team is always targeted :-tively,+tively

March 24, 2007 2:26am CST
The Indian cricket team is always targeted sometimes in positive manner and sometimes in a negative manner.Most of the fans have lost there power of digesting defeat in the game which is for sure in the game.The Indian team is greeted when they win a match and negatively judged when not winning matches.The fans have to treat the players well and encourage them in a positive manner not only when they are on the victory side but also when they are into the opposite side.Victory and defeat in general are the opposite sides of the same coin.Other day on the TV they showed how players houses were attacked by some angry fans and some housewives in Mumbai were shown with broom sticks and batons waiting to welcome the Indian team for there defeat in a match against Bangaldesh which was very harsh on the team.
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