Do you talk to foreigners when you walk on the streets?

March 24, 2007 2:57am CST
I have been learning english for 6 years. After a few years learning what i need to do to improve my english is to practise my oral english. Everytime I walk on a street and see some foreigners , my husband always encourages me to say HELLO to those people. But I always fail to do that. Of course, I know some people do it indeed. What's about you? How you practise when you learn foreign language.
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• Singapore
6 Apr 07
I haven't done something like that so far. It's just not the culture in my country to do so. However if these foreigners approach me to ask for directions or something, I'd be more than happy to reply in English or some other language that they are comfortable with (if I can speak it). I guess the key to learning a foreign language is to practise and practise. I'd do so online or when I visit the country. That helps.
• China
3 Apr 07
I am sure you are a chinese girl. Am I right? the same with you , I have learnt English for many years , but you know , I dare not to open our month for too shy, but few days ago , a foreign friend advise me , don't shy , just speak out , a english native lauguage speaker will never laugh at you, yes I think so , suppose a foreigner say hello in chinese to you ,and talk with you , if his chinses isn't good enough, will you laught at him ,I think no, so just relex, and say hello, if you like to have a partern practise your spoken English, I 'd like impove with you,my QQ no173249190, we can talk by microphone , you know so that we can save money. bye
• Malaysia
26 Mar 07
Hey... that always happen to me. Maybe i am shy.. hahaha.. My English is not that good. Maybe i am afraid they can't understand me. :) But, improve much now. So the next time i see the foreigners,i will say HELLO!!