Animal rearing

March 24, 2007 3:03am CST
The domestication of animals is one of the early steps in the develpment of civilization. People living in different environments have domesticated differnet animals. Cattle are commonly reared in the Savanna grasslands and camels are typical of Tropical deserts. Steppe grasslands are suited for rering of sheep and reindeer are reared in the Tundra region. In mountain regions of And3es, Llama and Alpaca are herded and in Tibet and in parts of Himalaya yak are reared. Domestic animals provide milk, meat, wool, hides and skins to satisfy our essential needs. The communities whose main occupation is rearing of animals do not lead a settled life at one place. They are called nomads as they migrate from place to place in search of [astures and water supply.
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