early childhood - washing up

March 24, 2007 3:06am CST
Washing is a generally happy activity because children enjoy water play. Bathing is also fun because parents make provisons for play with boats. filling and emptying contrainers etc. Howerver, soap in the eyes is still a problem, and thre is a resistance to hair washing. You can help speed up the washing and drying procedures by serving as a mode. After you and your child wash your hands before mealtimes, dry your hands first so your child can see how to do this. Let her use her won hand towel. If necessary help her at first. You can praise her efforts by saying. "I like the way you dry your hands. Alwasys keep your child's hand towel on a hood or bar near the sink within his reach. If your child cannot reach the sink, get him a sturdy stepstool and keep it nearby, but out of harm's way.
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