Livestrong wristband??

LiveStrong  - Livestrong wristband
@frodloo (424)
March 24, 2007 4:56am CST
i was sitting on the chair, waiting for the lecture begin. suddenly my friend pass by, he wore a blue wristband. i was interested to the wristband because of its reputation and popularity. like wristband which wore by my lecturer, it colored yellow and a word LIVESTRONG was printed there, it used for collecting fund for people who had cancers. CLEAR shampoo television advertisement is a package of a CLEAR shampoo and a wristband. if you buy the package, it means you have donate some money for Anti-drugs campaign. it is very good to support social event like that. i hope other products can do that too. careful with cancers sufferer. what your opinion? it`s touched.
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