'In Your Face' Marketing with Plasma Rentals

March 24, 2007 5:29am CST
Exhibitors at trade shows are renting 42" and Larger Flat Panel Plasma displays for their booths. "Large 42" Plasma's are a very, very popular thing to rent for trade show booths. People have elaborate PowerPoint presentations that look excellent on the floor standing plasma display. Its right 'in your face' marketing for everyone passing by your trade show booth." Janine Foster, Tech Travel Agent for Rentacomputer.com. Plasma displays create a high quality image for corporate events such as conventions and conferences. Plasma screens play full motion video with the highest quality possible. But plasma displays carry additional risk and inconvenience during transport. That's why its best to rent plasmas for your trade show, convention or conference. Renting is a convenient and viable option. Even if you attend more than one trade show per month, the costs of deployment, insurance and frequent replacement make renting plasma flat screen displays a convenient and viable option. Additional Information on Plasma Flat Screen Display Technology Currently, plasma display sizes range from 32 inches up to 61 inches. Plasma displays are slightly thicker, three inches vs. two inches, and are much heavier than their LCD counterparts. Their plasma substrates are also much more fragile than LCD panels. http://search-article.org/category_3.htm
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