Complete Guide About Google Adsense

March 24, 2007 7:41am CST
What is Google Adsense? Google Adsense is one of the Most successful online advertising programs today. This is a guide to the Adsense program, that discribes all major aspects, tips and optimizations of the program to help you have the best experience with the Google Adsense. As a webmaster, Google's Adsense program can be a possible income stream from your website, an income that can range from a few dollars to sevaral hundred dollars a month. The Google Adsense program is a great alternative, or even replacement, for the out dated banner programs. Today more and more internet users have gone 'blind' to banner advertising, and threby threatening your advertisement income as a webmaster. Google Adsense Ads are highly content relavent ads, that are served directly on your pages - without your intervention. For your as a webmaster, this means that you simply past the Google Adsense code on your pages, and thereafter have a constantly updated and relavent advertising income. The Google Adsense program serves ads generated by AdWords users on Adsense publisher's webpage's. The Adsense ad layout can fully customized to fit your existing website design, in regards to both size, placement, colors and much more.
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