March 24, 2007 7:54am CST
what i net what is lan what is wan
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@blueman (16513)
• India
25 Mar 07
they are all inter related land forms to make wan and wan is internet.
@decopil (22)
• India
24 Mar 07
Inter net is a system of connecting variuos computers together from different loations to share the information over cables/wireless... LAN (Local Area Network) is a connection of computers together to share the database,resources and applications in a particular area/location (office, bussiness shop or any particular entity). WAN (Wide Area Network) is connecting such individual LANs together from various places (Ex. Banks.. Main office situated in one area and it connects all of it's branches from varies locations, but notice that all those branches are connecting to head office to share the database or other resources and all are belongs to same organization). Those system may be from various geographical locations, intra state or other countries or inter continental. Every WAN should be connect through internet.