Do you have a job? Is your boss a terror?

@Greyh22 (110)
March 24, 2007 8:12am CST
I got a new job 2 weeks ago. At first my boss seems quiet, but as days passed by, I can see the real way he treats employees. He's so scary, he scolds anyone who does not get the job done even if he knows that the persons capacity is only up to a point. I'm kinda terrified. I don't know If i'd get the job done well. I'm not comfortable anymore. What should i do?
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@bluewings (3857)
24 Mar 07
I don't like such bosses either.Even if they are the boss ,they should know to respect people.Granted that they want their employees to be efficient and motivated ,but shouting and scoulding them doesn't help his cause either.Well, I'd say try to do your best and even after that if he makes it a personal issue and keeps haunting you ,like he does with other employee,then it won't be a bad idea to look for other options.Kepp your doors open and if worse comes to worst ,then give him a piece of your mind before you leave,of course politely :-P
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@Greyh22 (110)
• Philippines
25 Mar 07
That's what I want to aim. I'll hold on to my job, but like you said, if worse comes to worst,I'll think twice. LOL. I'll really take your advice.
@pelo26 (1553)
• Philippines
18 Apr 07
I've had similar experiences with my first job. Our boss was so rude and hot headed to the point that it affects our work and moods in a negative way. Sometimes, it'll come to a point that the whole office are in the verge of quitting and walking out of him. Good thing I found a very effective solution to the problem... I LEFT! Maybe you should do the same. Goodluck :)