March 24, 2007 8:32am CST
What's the biggest fight that you and your sister/s had about?
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• Canada
30 Mar 07
She was 13, sneaking out of the house and drinking with older boys. And we fought because I was trying to get her to stop. It went on for months. I told her all the risks and I even nailed her window shut so she wouldn't be able to sneak out. All she did was scream at me and cuss me out for not letting her do what she wanted. One morning when she spent the night throwing up in the bathroom, she finally decided that she'd listen to me. And she apologized for being stupid, heh. And that was our biggest fight ever. Lasted almost 6 months.
• Philippines
31 Mar 07
Six Months? Wow. That's really wrong for two people living under the same roof. But you have the right to do what you did. She's thirteen and could've wasted her life doing that. I believe she should be thankful that she have you and that you cared for her that much. I know some people who wouldn't care at all and would just let their sister handle their own life just to not get into a fight with them. Sometimes I get to fights with my sisters doing the same thing and it's hard because I feel that the responsibilities is heavier because we're a broken family and we live away from our father. I am the eldest and was given the responsibility to help Mama with those kind of things but it's okay. So far we haven't had a fight that lasted a week. Glad everything's okay between you and your sister now. I bet she appreciates you more now.
@asherah (104)
• Philippines
27 Mar 07
The worst fight I ever had with my sister was about my cycling shorts. She used my cycling shorts without my permission. Then, I asked her to remove it so that I can wash it and use it the next day because it is our Physical Education Day. But she insisted that she is tired, and she won't remove the shorts. So, I grabbed her hair and we started hurting each other. Gawd, I'm so immature.
• Philippines
27 Mar 07
Yeah, it is something that mostly young people will fight about. How old were you and you're sister then anyways? But I do know some people who would really get soooo mad when someone touches their personal belongings. Yes, even their sisters. And it's a small thing but it shows how you respect someone. Especially in your case, where you are going to use it the day after. I had some fights like that too only with my younger cousin when he recorded a song on my tape where I recorded my favorite songs. He kinda over-write the stuffs that I recorded. Sounds petty shallow but I think it does involve respect to the owner of the certain object. And sisters often fight about those things. Is anyone badly injured? Just kidding. Anyways, thanx for your reply. It shows the fight that sisters ordinarily have.