How can you defeat the demonsses Andariel?

March 24, 2007 8:48am CST
I finally reached the catacombs in Andariel's lair. Now how can I kill? She is huge and I can't get even near her she will poison me. How can I defeat her? I tried to find cheat codes (I'm a cheater, I know) but nothing what will help me survive her attacks or kill her faster. How did you defeat her? If there are cheat codes in this game could you please give me the one that rises my health or make my character immortal?
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@sfant13 (42)
• Romania
26 Mar 07
you buy from Ankara poison antidote, those little black things and you put them in your belt, you go and kill Andariel, when you are green from the poison you activate the antidote. 1 healing potion + 1 mana potion +a gem of any kind put them in the Horadric Cub and you will get a rejuvenation potion.
• Romania
26 Mar 07
The Horadric Cub? I don't have it and isn't that in the next quest? i can't that if i don't finish this quest with Andariel. And I tried with the antidote it stopped the poison effect but still she killed me before I had the chance to heal or to run.
@rabi9634 (420)
• United States
27 Mar 07
In Diablo, your chance of killing vs. your chance of being killed has a lot to do with the skill level of your character. The weapons, armor, and items you have equipped also play a huge role. Having a hired mercenary is also a big plus in the normal difficulty level. If you start a character fresh, and take your time to go through and complete each quest in the act, your character will level up enough to take out Andy. If you're on BNet, consider teaming up with higher level characters to help get you by. I've beaten Andy with as low as a level 4. A higher level (40,50,etc) can take her out in like one or two hits with the right magic attack or weapon. If you haven't beaten her yet, just keep on leveling your character. A single level can make a huge difference.