God made it ?

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March 24, 2007 9:29am CST
we fell in love shortly after I met her in the English corner of her school.She was a freshman majoring in International Economic Trad ,but I was a manual worker left only a junior middle school in a countryside .however it doesn't prove to be a problem .it seemed nothing could hamper our love that time.we both gave too much for love.so we believed we could stay our love forever though I am older 4 years than her.. however,she will graduate and step forward the society, she will change her mind.so dated me and said" we would be impossible woithout solid finacial problem"..,I added"what is the notion of solid finaical problem in your mind? " the ability to purchase house in the City and get a decent job"..that sounds so easy ,but difficult to me. I was from a countryside, I cannot afford it even if I have worked for years outside, I am wondering why she ask me such tough question. I have waited for her for 4years. as a guy in a countryside, I hardly weary away my youth,I am near 30 years old after all.however ,as a man,i really feel inaqualified beside her if I will accomplish nothing .and our love can't last ,either. so what do I do ?
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24 Mar 07
god made you