What will you do if your money disappear from bank?

March 24, 2007 9:54am CST
This is a story about tragedy. It's a real story. There is a man who's job is fixing bicycle for people. His wife doesn't have a job because her age. What she can do is helping her husband. The couple work everyday. They never have their breakfast outside.(In China, this means they are saving their money very much.)After many years to save, they got ?49,000. They deposited all the money in a bank for a year. However, the money disappeared when the couple come to the bank to take the money. The staffs of the bank told them someone already took the money away after a month that the man deposited the money. The man fell in a faint right away. Then the couple asked for a reason. The manager in the bank said they could do nothing because of the long time. The records showed somebody reported a loss of the receipt and then took the money away. The man said that's not his signature. The bank said they still could do nothing because the time's so long. But they said the couple could sue the bank. The poor couple said they couldn't afford the money to sue. That would cost ?6000. They didn't have enough money and they could not borrow from others. They were so angry but no what to do. If you are the man, what will you do? Do you have a good idea?
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@moreinfo (3867)
• China
17 Apr 07
how about the progress now? as the man lost his money in the bank, i think he could call the police, so he doesnt not to pay anything. or try to find the law assisstant there for help, or go to the media for help. i am certainly sure that he WILL get the hands from the society.
@allbert (88)
• China
25 Mar 07
What a pity!they have to do hard work and earn because they have to live.