Artist ....Connecting with one's "self"

March 24, 2007 2:30pm CST
As humans all we do in the form of art is to imitate nature...all the notions ...concepts in our mind is one way or the other related to the nature around us..imagination is something which is mixture of deep memories and certain creations of mind which refers the subconcious hidden within .... I have always wondered as why people tag someone as a "creative person" or an "artist" ...i strongly believe that each one of us is an artist.and is a creative person ..when we connect with our true self we will find out that creativity is not something to be learnt or planned or projected is always there in us. like indian poet rabindra nath tagore said " every spontanious action reflects creativity. "with my own experience i have found out ...when mind has fear,ego or the self built image abt the self it creates the biggest block that stops us from accessing the creative flow within....we need to shatter the so called "image" ...which is so fragile and deceptive ...i have seen people in the society who's life and the beliefs depend on other people's opinions. their motto inlife is " others should think good about me" " we should be this way so that society can accept us. or we should be this way because every one else is " .... such life is very volatile and doesn't have much room for spontainity..i believe that there is nothing that we "should " do because the whole society or the other people do so...because we are turning away from our true self every time we feel concious about other people's opinion ..... i believe that we follow our conscience...there is nother guide than the good connects us with what we truely are..THE GOD SIDE OF THE HUMAN. THE ARTIST. once we connect with our self ...we experience such freedom....freedom that doesn't have much room for ego. one then expands. i think only then one becomes creative world's greatest creations have happened because the artist was with flow of his spontanious urge to create something beautiful... such artists create things ....and the true artist creates things because he is free and expects nothing in return.... vipassana meditation really helped me to see the subconcious hidden in me... it will take lives to clean it ... meditation is gift in this life that i can use to connect with myself and observe ...thus change myself at the subconcious level...i am sure meditation has the power to do good to all the human beings.... every one has the chance to benefit from it. deepthi
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24 Apr 07
i can't understand your question plz explain it in short.