How am I related to the story of The Perfect Man? the real life drama..

March 24, 2007 3:16pm CST
When I first saw the trailer of the movie "The Perfect Man" it actually caught my interest right away!I watched it last Christmas with my mom and sister and we were very much amazed on how the story was somehow related to the way our lives went. My dad died when I was 9 years old.I have a sister who's 8 years old and my mom was just a secretarial graduate.We lost everything along with my dad's death.He had cancer and he underwent a lot of expensive treatments which actually took all that we had.So when dad passed away,we had nothing left but the big house. My mom brought us to my grandma's place in Bulacan and left us there.We were enrolled in a school there.My mom left and worked in my aunt's bussiness.But then they had a lot of misunderstandings.So my mom started her own construction bussiness.She met my step dad.I don't like him at first but my mom explained that she needs someone who can stay beside her and help her with her role as a parent.We easily understood that because we've seen how hard she worked for us.Trying everything just to get money. After that we transferred again to Las PIƱas City.We were enrolled in a public school which at first was really hard to accept for me because it's really hard to make new friends again.But then I just had to do it because I don't have any option.That time my mom and my step dad were together already.Life was full of struggles that time because my mom got pregnant.I was fearing that she might die during her delivery because she was already 38 that time.So I actually got mad at her.I became a rebel,but not in a sense that I tried drugs or I cut my classes.It's just that I became distant to her.But after sometime,I realized that my mom loved us so much to have done all of those sacrifices after my dad's death.She deserves to be happy. As we watched the movie it actually shows the importance of mother-daughter relationship. It actually made me realize more of what she had done to change me and bring me up as a person.Mothers, often times took forgranted doesn't really deserve to be treated that way because in the first place no one can ever understand us the way mothers do. Try watching the movie and realize what I have just realized as a daughtter.:)
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