How do you tell your spouse its over when they just want to fight

United States
March 24, 2007 3:54pm CST
How do you tell your spouse its over, your not happy, and that you are finished and leaving when they will not listen and they think they know everything, they yell and scream and start breaking everything you own and taking your keys and money and check card? My husband use to be fairly nice, lately his has been thinking everything is his way or else, I believe there is a thin line between love and hate and my love has turned to pure hatred for him. I want out and I want out now, but how do you take what is yours and leave? Do you tell them your leaving, do you wait till they leave and you know they will be gone for awhile or what, he is a lazy man, he does not work, never works, and never know when he is going somewhere or how long he will be gone. What do you do?