Do you believe in "Destiny"

March 24, 2007 4:48pm CST
hey freinds,do you people really believe in destiny?do you think destiny has any major role to play in your life?well,my personal view is that every thing that happens with you or in your life is pre-decided i.e its all your destiny.i have witnessed many things in my own life which was too absured to happen,but it happpened.i have seen so many ups and downs which i never thought in my early days i will come across or i have to face ,but it all happened.i think detiny is inevitable and has a major role to play.
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• India
27 Mar 07
i agree with you completely. i feel strongly that everything that's happening with me was destined to happen. i also think its all due to good or bad karma of your past and present lives. i never thought i can work in a kitchen but i graduated in hotel management. i never thought i'll marry the person whom i choose and love but will settel happily for arrange-marriage but i had a strong love-affair with my spouse and i went against my parent's will. i never thought i will suffer so much in life but i did at many points in my life. i went through excriciating pain and suffered from depression. i always wanted to become a successful doctor and i hated doing business and studying it but i mastered in business administration! see its all destiny!
• India
27 Mar 07
hey frn, seems like you are new to mylot. i would like to add a comment that try adding 'tags' to the discussions that you have started.take care!
@Hayley_N (526)
• Argentina
24 Jul 08
if you put your belief in destiny then you have no faith. Destiny is not programed to control each persons life. Yes somethings may happen and seem to be a result of fate, but I think most extraordinary things in ones life are the results of happenstance or preparation. It appears to me that most people who are prepared by a strong faith are better able to deal with extraordinary circumstances than those who believe in fate. When someone of weak or no faith encounters a negative extraordinary event, they tend to blame it on fate and if it is a positive event, they will claim it was meant to be or it was good luck. In my mind, a strong faith gives you control over your own destiny with predictable results. If you want happines and peace, find something positive to believe in and you will be destined for a satisfying life.
@ibsnet (1268)
• India
11 Apr 07
It's true, Destiny is something we can't avoid. From my own experience whenever I tried and worked very hard for something it wouldn't happen for any or many reason. and where I have done almost nothing that caused me a high favour in my career. It's destiny. But people should try their best not depend on only Destiny.
@ydiwan (448)
• India
3 Apr 07
Well i agree as well as disagree with you karuna cos yes somethings in life are destiny like where u were born cos it was not in your hand , that you would be a girl that was not your choice either then as a child your parents choosed things for you that can be termed as destiny as well but after you have reached where you could take your own decisions then it was not destiny it was not preplanned it was you who did the selection so in other words a person makes his or her destiny and is accountable for it cos you are the one who decided what to do with your life so whatever the decisions good or bad it was yours so you made your own destiny and not god if god wanted to make destiny's he would have not given humans an organ we know and brain and with it the choice of makeing our decisions and then according to our decisions shapeing our destiny and finally our karma so thats my sugggestion hope u did not get bored cos i do bore people a lot cos i write these long replies which like takes forever to read lol
@jimfabo (327)
• India
2 Apr 07
DESTINY!!!! Oh yeh, I do believe in destiny!!! I always thought I run my life the way I want, I really did run for few years but somehow I ended up doing stuff which I never thought about!!!! If you could have ask me few years back will I be doing what I am doing now I could have lought at you but yes, my destiny bring me here!!!! I am not agree with you about destiny is inevitable!!! if you try harder may be you can change!!! atleast bend your destiny!!! Good luck and God bless!!!!