Brain Teaser -2

United States
March 24, 2007 4:55pm CST
Ok, here is the second part of brain teasing. A man ges out of a ship goes straight in to the coffee shop close by orders for an alabaster sandwich. The moemnt he bites the sandwich he pukes and runs straight to the dock and shoots himself. WHY ? CLUE: He was a sailor. Alabaster is a sea bird. A hunter was traveling with his pet deer, a tiger and some red oats. On his way he comes across a river that he needs to cross. There is a boat there but the condition is hunter can use the boat by following the rule. He can not take at a time more than two occupants (whether its sack of red oats, deer , tiger, himself). Now his problem is he can not leave the tiger and deer or deer and red at together. How does he manage to cross the river ?
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