What is the best option to get my cat babysat for a long weekend?

March 24, 2007 6:34pm CST
I want to go out of town but i'm worried about leaving my cat alone now because she's 21 and very dependant. She wakes up every morning 15 minutes before our alarm and starts "calling" out to us. She does this on weekends too, for an hour before we get up. I hate to think of her doing it all day if we're not even home. She had a sister up to 4 months ago but her sister has now died, so my cat is finally all alone for the first time in her life. The best I can do, is have someone come in every day to feed her for an hour a day, but this isnt' good enough. I'm thinking of hiring a proffessional cat sitter to actually come and stay in my house for the weekend. This would be a complete stranger but apparently they are bondable which means that they are trustworthy. what do you think of this? has anyone ever done this? thanks.
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25 Mar 07
Well, I would first try to get someone that I know to come stay at the house, maybe someone the cat knows also, so you not being home isn't such a shock. other than that, yeah...I'd hire someone from a very reputable company, I haven't heard of any pet sitters that will come to your home and sleep there. They actually have those? if so that's really cool.
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@peaceful (3286)
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24 Mar 07
Hire the best pro that you can and make sure that they are experienced with older animals... the reason is that the older a cat is, the more stressful changes can be... http://catster.com