Have you faced hardsell tactics from timeshare companies?

March 24, 2007 9:39pm CST
I heard from people I know that they have faced really hardsell tactics from these companies. Basically, they were promised a free holiday and all they needed to do was to attend a free presentation. After a long presentation, my friends were not interested in signing up so they tried to leave. However, the staff actually tried to prevent them from leaving the premises. Anyway, they decided to forgo the 'free' holiday and left. Other friends also told me that they were insulted by the staff after refusing to sign up for the timeshare. Have you personally encountered these hardsell tactics? What did you do to escape these companies?
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@jbrooks0127 (2326)
• United States
30 Sep 07
My wife and I have attended 4 of these and bought 3 however I never ever felt the high pressure you talk about. Sure they will do all they can to talk you into it as the three day "vacation" is on them. The only reason I bought at all was I did not feel the high pressure. If that had happened however I would have been better off. Three are way too many. The forth presentation was easy for us to say no. And they did not insist....there is a limit for even the most gullible people it would seem. The best way to look at it is....while it may be high pressure you still have control. You stop it when you are ready to and let it go at that. But don’t expect it to be easy. They will make it look so good that you will almost want to buy. That is their job. I have receive much more high pressure from companies trying to re-sale my property. Hard to get rid of them without a flat no.
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@valerfore (298)
• Singapore
26 Mar 07
I have never faced hardsell tactics because I avoid them :P However, if you are able to remain cool and firm and reject their offers, you may end up with the cool freebies that are used to entice you to those presentations :D I think I cannot handle the pressure though, so I avoid them like the plague :D
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17 Feb 08
I have been timesharing since 1995.. I have had some fantastic resorts and great experiences. Value for money, I love my home resort and have had exchanges and getaways. I'm with ii.. Since buying in which was not a hard sell. Quite an easy time where I wasn't allowed to sign up at the time. Anyway, for me it vhas been brilliant. The pluses are basically that we never stay in a hotel room. We stay in villas or apartments. The resorts, like a normal tourist hotel in the services usually have something extra, something quirky that makes it a bit special. A gimmick that ordinary hotels in package tours don't have. A kitchen is a great thing instead of a hotel room with a shelf for a kettle called coffee making facility. Since 1995 and signing up after a soft sell. I have never had to attend a presentation or waste my energy with a sales team. I have never been ill treated on any resort I have stayed on.
@anniepa (27239)
• United States
10 Jan 08
I guess it would depend on what yo consider "hardsell tactics". If buy that you mean they're good sales people who really tell you everything you want to hear to sweeten the deal, of course they are, that's how they get paid. I've never encountered such a thing as being prevented to leave, or even being treated rudely or disrespectfully. I've gone to several of these presentations and gotten more than enough in return for my time. I went to two such presentations at one resort and the second time we ended up buying but we didn't have our arms twisted or anything. The times we didn't "bite" we "escaped" by saying "No thanks" and leaving. Annie