thank the most precious gift you can say to your parents...

@xenybb (168)
March 24, 2007 10:47pm CST
my brother is celebrating his graduation this 28th of march. He then had 2 activities and one recently we celebrated the tribute to their parents. My father and mother is not around and that me and my sister represent them in that activity. Students where having their impressions , telling how great they are having a supportive parents. The highlights of that celebration is the gift giving of the students to their parents. My brother went to us giving his card to our eldest sister Ate Jhing, she was then touched by the letter of my brother, thanking her and considering her as our mother, for being w/ us through out our lives..
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• Philippines
26 Mar 07
Yes, graduation is far the most happiest part of student life and we should be thankful for our parents in giving us the chance to study..And a mere "thankyou" is a precious words they would like to hear from us, children. Its the fulfillment of our dreams (graduation) and the dreams of our parents. Kiss and say thankyou to our parents, they will be the happiest in the world.