What's something about you, that you would normally not share with someone?

March 25, 2007 12:47am CST
When you meet someone for the first time.. What's something about you, that you wouldn't usually share about yourself? I'm not talking personal stuff, just random information? About your pickiness (if so), or, habits.. One of mine would probably be, when I get tired, I get itchy. Mostly my legs, but sometimes my arms and my stomach too. But I get really really itchy to the point where I could make myself bleed from scratching so much. What about you?
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@foxyfire33 (10009)
• United States
25 Mar 07
One of mine would be that I often purposely set my clocks wrong. I don't mean like setting them 10 minutes fast or anything. I set it to some random time and then figure out how far off it is. Like right now the clock in my car is set at 5 hours early 12 minutes late...so at 12:00 it will read 7:12. Every clock (except my computer) is set differently. The obvious challenge being remembering how far off each clock is and figuring out the correct time. I have no idea why I do this but I know it drives everybody nuts.