My dads pocket my best ever bank!!

March 25, 2007 1:20am CST
How many of you have enjoyed taking money from your dads pocket??? lol !! i have really enjoyed it before..thats the best bank na?? no withdrawal slips, no signatures required, no percentage of interest to be paid. ok. how many feel that this is a wrong thing. or how many take it as just a fun? but the fact that i feel sorry for that is he has never asked me about it. he even knows every single money taken out from his pocket. in tat way it increases my guilt.. but still when i think about it i feel it as a great many you doing this really enjoy it???
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• Philippines
1 Apr 07
Never did it. Never will enjoy it. A wrong thing is a wrong thing. No matter to whom you do it, notwithstanding even from your parents. Perhaps you enjoy, but you'll never know despite your fathe not reacting or reprimanding you, he sure does felt concerned as to how your faculties work. Its not enjoyable & its not right, period. For the sake of discussion, its not that a big deal if you're a kid doing it once but doing it twice & enjoying it makes you a recepient for psychological evaluation you might be displaying a mental disorder of kleptocism. You desrved all the love you need but you just need to be put in a special care more & same is true to anyone who find it that stealing is fun.