Do you prefer your hair straight or wavy?

March 25, 2007 1:51am CST
I wonder why almost all Filipina girls like straight hair. Straight hair for me is really boring. I'm not saying this because I have wavy hair. I just don't see beauty in straight hair. I have nothing against those with this kind of hair. Well, maybe beauty really lies on the beholder. What are your opinions on the matter? Do you go for straight or wavy hair?
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@romel_ece (1290)
• Philippines
26 Mar 07
Of course I would favor to straight hair it is because my wife's hair is straight.I am really attracted to her all the way from head to toe and that's include her straight hair.
• India
15 Dec 07
I prefer long hairs.I prefer having my hair short as it is easier to manage and I just feel more comfortable with shorter hair. I can not see myself with long hair at all and it would be a pain to maintain. The less combing and brushing the better.For me it was always long growing up. Now its about half way in between being long and short. I guess the older I get the shorter it will become.
• Australia
6 Apr 07
I go for the straight hair. My hair is very long near my butt. I have a natural wavy hair that I am sick about. I wanted a new look so I had my hair rebonded lately. I am loving it so far and enjoying it. I am a lot more confident with my long straight hair now. This is relative topic I think.
@camar_lyn (1028)
• Singapore
31 Mar 07
I was born with straight hair. I permed it only when i was about to get married so that i can have a big change and hve bounce in my hair. I do enjoy having permed hair but i don't like the process. It is time consuming and the smell is just so disgusting for me. Now, i've settled with what GOD has given me - straight :D - Lyn
@seamonkey (1981)
• Ireland
29 Mar 07
I wish my hair was a little wavy. It seems like not matter what style it is in then, it looks nice. It seems to me that people who have straight as a board hair have more 'bad' hair day potential. And those with fully curly hair are the luckiest. They can just roll out of bed and look great!
@mimpi1911 (25454)
• India
27 Mar 07
lustrous, enviable hair - long, lustrous, enviable, beautiful mane
boy oh boy!! how can you not like straight hair!! i have always envied it. lucky you!! i would anything to have a long, lustrous, enviable black mane. can we not exchange
@sechsey (1836)
• Canada
25 Mar 07
Before, i always have the straight hair. I am naturally straight but i have been putting my hair in a bun lately just so it will naturally create a wave after too. I like wavy or slightly curly hair lately. Its sexy. There's more to it than the straight hairs. I like straight hair too but right now, i like the sexy curls or waves:)
• Philippines
25 Mar 07
In this age and time where women have played an increasing active participation in society have chosen comfort over aesthetics.....though recently, modern science have successfully combined both. Women wearing their hair straight makes a lot of sense now where life is fast paced since it doesn't require a lot of maintenance. They can easily just brush their hair and get out the door. This is not an exclusive issue for do face this dilemma as well. Basically this is not a competition of what is the best'is all about being comfortable in your own skin where you can feel confident and powerful and ready to face life's everyday struggle.
• Canada
25 Mar 07
My hair has always been straight, and that's the way I like it. When I was little it was long, but as I grew up I realized it was more practical to cut it to shoulder length. I find it's easier to take care of, that way. I have to spend less time on my hair, in the morning.
@peisiyi (125)
• China
25 Mar 07
in my opinion,natural beauty is the best.that is,wearing straight hair if you own a straight hair,andvice versa.
@pizzoli (3368)
• Italy
25 Mar 07
straight hair are really fantastic in particular when are black ( it's important also the girl...)