Baby tries to stand up...

March 25, 2007 9:06am CST
In what month does a baby tries to stand up. Would it be possible for a 3 month old baby to stand up?
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• Philippines
19 Jul 07
It's impossible for a 3month old baby to stand up on his own,they're bones are still weak for them to do that.maybe you think you're baby can do it, but don't let her/him ok? ('',)
@barnkinney (1343)
• Philippines
26 Mar 07
i'm not really and expert but i always epect babies to be able to walk a little before or after their first birthday.. so maybe they would start standing close to that.. hehehe!
@kerrypooh (283)
26 Mar 07
i don't think its possible they are usualy about 6 or 7 months before they can pull themselves up on a sofa
@cjthedog64 (1553)
• United States
25 Mar 07
Little babies can stand if you hold them up, but they can't support their own weight on their legs yet. Most learn to sit up on their own around 6 months, and stand around 8 or 9 months. Then they are usually walking by around 14 or 15 months.
25 Mar 07
no i dont think it is possible for a baby of 3 months to stand alone as they should only really just be sitting up or trying to. My daughter started to stand on her own at about 7-8 months but it does vary they can be upto 16 months and still have no interest whatsoever. what i will say is if they are taking an interest instanding at 3 months dont push them intoo doing so let them show you their way. and remember if by 12 months they are not walking remember that they are always learning so at that point they will be honing their other skills such as eating or talking etc.. Hope this helps
@gkainth (279)
• India
25 Mar 07
baby starts standing after 5 months but with the help of supports