Fearless Forecast

March 25, 2007 9:08am CST
Tell us what you think would be the order of the 2007 NBA Playoffs and the team you think would be the champs. It's OK to be bias, but it's better to be not. Tell your honest answer!!! In fact, though a Wizards fan, I will the season to the Mavs. Here's my forecast: Round of 16: E1 Detroit vs. E8 New York E2 Washington vs. E7 Orlando E3 Toronto vs. E6 Miami E4 Cleveland vs. E5 Chicago W1 Dallas vs. W8 Los Angeles Clippers W2 Phoenix vs. W7 Denver W3 Utah vs. W6 Los Angeles Lakers W4 San Antonio vs. W5 Houston Quarterfinals: E1 Detroit vs. E5 Chicago E2 Washington vs. E6 Miami W1 Dallas vs. W4 San Antonio W2 Phoenix vs. W6 Los Angeles Lakers Semifinals: E1 Detroit vs. E2 Washington W1 Dallas vs. W2 Phoenix Finals: E2 Washington vs. W1 Dallas Champions: W1 Dallas E(number)-East Teams and their ranks. W(number)-West Teams and their ranks.
2 responses
• Philippines
26 Mar 07
let's just make it simple coz eventually they all lead to the finals. NBA FINALS: W6 Dallas vs Detriot Dallas Maveericks will be the NBA Champions this year!!
• China
12 Apr 07
Everyone has his own forecast,you know,before NBA play off start, It's difficult to guess the final champion. I prefer Phoenix will smile at last. Good luck!
@Makoy1983 (1085)
• Philippines
12 Apr 07
east finals: detroit over miami (4-2) west finals: phoenix over san antonio (4-2) nba finals: phoenix over detroit (4-1)