Do You Get Pets from Petstores or Shelters?

@SweetTrix (1071)
United States
March 25, 2007 10:50am CST
I have adopted both my cats from a shelter. I think petstores are really expensive and dont take care of there animals as well. I have also heard that some buy their puppys from puppy mills. which are basically breeding centers where the parents of the puppies dont get proper care and once they can't breed anymore they are put to death or let go to run loose. Has anyone heard this before? I am kinda shocked if it is true. I was going to buy I puppy (since dogs are my favorite pets.)I did some research and came up found this out. Anyone have any input?
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25 Mar 07
Here kitty kitty - Kitty comes a-running
My cat, Moomin, adopted me last year when she walked into my life. I have always gone to rescue shelters for animals and would never go to a pet store. There are so many unwanted and abandoned animals at the shelters, why spend a lot of money at a pet store.
@SweetTrix (1071)
• United States
25 Mar 07
I agree with you completely. and usually pets from shelters are more trained and socialized since they get tons of attention from so many people. whether it be the volunteers, or just people visiting. I went to a petstore in the mall and the cats did want to be held at all, so we decided to visit the shelter and adopted a black female cat named Melody.
@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
31 Mar 07
I would rather get a animal from a shelter then a pet store anyhow. I feel like I am helping the animals out that I am geting from a animal shelter then I am from buying one from a pet store.