Know Any Barcelona youth hostel/ Cheap Apartments And Things To Do There

@Pluntt (232)
United Arab Emirates
March 25, 2007 1:40pm CST
Hi, this summer i plan to go to barcelona with a bunch of my mates but i dont want to spend tons of cash and stay at the hilton as this is for me and a few students. although i dont want to stay in a dump i have heard alot of people rent apartments. i am going for 2 weeks and looked around but not sure what places to trust and where the apartment should be located and so forth. im sure someone here has done this so any advise or help would be great. also when in barcelona any recomendation on what to do, ofcrouse clubbing and drinking but again, any recomendations on where there? I am ignorant on this subject and please help me know more. i have read on google and yahoo all about this place but i want a perspective of people who have gone there not some trvael agent who wants my money, cheers Plunt PS. about 3 or 4 of us will go and looking to spent between 25-45 euros a night each which means the apartment could be 3 maybe 4 times that. cheers
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