Runescape Scams

March 25, 2007 8:01pm CST
Ive been scammed many times, usually by scams i have never heard of before. There are the common amour trimming and say your password out loud scams, but there are always new ones coming out. For example, i just found this one on the internet. See what i mean? Does anyone know any other scams? Please share them, I hate losing my stuff.
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• Australia
8 Sep 08
there is a unbalanced trade update so you can't scam much
• New Zealand
29 Mar 07
there are common scams for items that look alike such as buying big bones and people trade you noted big bones then quickly change them to noted normal bones. also for members, buying magic logs they can quickly change them into willows logs since its nearly the same color and stuff. the safest way is just to to trades a bit slower and take a few precious seconds to check the second trading window. a few seconds may ssave you hours worth of items so i would rather spend a few seconds extra per trade.
• United States
26 Mar 07
There's a scam called "luring" in which a person trys to trade you in the wilderness, and then attacks you...kind of dumb for anyone to fall for it, but out for it.
• United States
26 Mar 07
many people scam in populated worlds like 1. they will say something like selling rune 2h 35k! and they will put a noted rune 2h up and then change it to iron after you put up the money and try to accept, i always catch it at the second trade screen. another thing people do is tell you they will buy your armor for 1.3mil even if its like regular rune, they will put up 1300k and change it to 13000gp, got close to losing full wizzy t and str ammy t this way, just be careful and dont fall for ridiculously cheap prices :)