Grimace Origins

Grimace - Grimace - one of the McDonald's characters
March 25, 2007 9:37pm CST
I came across a discussion where the one who started it was asking if we had any photos with a Ronald McDonald Statue. It then occured to me of another McDonald's character: Grimace. According to Wikipedia, he used to be "Evil Grimace" and eventually turned good; now endorsing milkshakes and does not represent any food item like Hamburglar and the Fry Guys. When I didn't knew of his official origin, I heard a lot of hilarious suggestions of where Grimace came from. Like he used to be milkshake that went bad, or mashed potatoes that went bad. lol. Have you guys heard of any other funny and hilarious suggestions of Grimace's origin?
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• Philippines
30 Mar 07
Well here in the philippines it could be what we call UBE flavor sundae!! or McPuto Bungbong,
• Philippines
1 Apr 07
Ok yan kabayan! Actually, the spoiled mashed potatoes was coined after "panis na mashed potato". hahaha. :p