Should Indian cricket team baned from acting in advertisement ?

March 25, 2007 11:29pm CST
Indian cricket team has become pack of overpaid fools, who lack the basic killing instinct. They are incompetent, dosent want to work out in the field, lack coordination, lack self confidance. They even lack any National Pride or self Pride. They are not Indians, they are just money loving rascles. this all has happened due to glorification by media and over payment from ads.of these under educated fools. time and time again they make India look down and make Indian cricket fans in deep sadness and regret. ------------- After getting thrashing from the Indian public they have finally scored but its against Burmuda not Australia. 2 days ago It was only Bermuda whome these miserable bunch of donkeys could beat. Sri lanka was also too much for these models *** cricketers(?)
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