why do u like evanesence' songs

March 26, 2007 12:45am CST
there shud b a gud reason........so lets begin!!!!!!!!!!!!
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• United States
27 Mar 07
I listened to evanescence in high school because the songs helped me through some tough times, I really like how Amy Lee could make her voice go to so many octaves. I eventually joined choir because of her artistic ability to change her voice, now i'm graduated and i only sing at kareoke bars, however its almost always to her songs. She is truely a very dedicated singer and musician. SilentRose
• India
29 Mar 07
nothing..her angelic voice and her ability to sing at such a frequency whihc seems to be sometime imposible ...anyway ...moreover her unique style and dressing has always give me a reason ...to watch her unique videos ...and of course she her self ..is a reason above all..
• Philippines
1 Apr 07
Evanescence songs totally explains why MUSIC IS THE FOOD FOR THE SOUL. Evanescence songs are the best. Amy Lee sings the songs whole heartedly. just by listening to the melody without knowing the lyrics first, you'll feel the song and it moves you. How much more if you totally know the lyrics right? it will move you more. =) PLUS, their songs are based on their experience. EVANESCENCE Band has gone to alot of ups and downs. Tragic things happened to them esp the time when BEN MOODY isnt with the band anymore, alot of trials arose for the band to face. But still, they are able to manage to face them and bring the best in them. =)
@Bbilal (2001)
29 Mar 07
Evanescence one of the biggest name in the world of Gothic metal. I am in love with evanescence's Immortal it really make me mad. I love all the songs of evanescence including call me when you are sober, haunting, Imaginary, bring me to the life, my tourniquet and whisper you can say I am a very big fan of Amy Lee I love the way she play keyboard I want to play like her either :( Amy Lee is something I love to like. Have a very good day! Happy earnings :)
• Pakistan
27 Mar 07
Its Simply... bcoz They can express the inner feelings of one... Its not an easy job to express all of that what is at ur mind .. And If u find someone who can just say the crap in ur mind in best form of words... So what else u want ....