Centers for Special Kids: Are they really child-friendly?

March 26, 2007 1:29am CST
During my internship, I was assigned in a child center handling special kids. At first, we became nervous because we all know that they are very hard to manage.They all have tantrums and their so called everyday routine.There's this one big guy who had a moderate mental retardation. He used to hurt us even those little kids in the center.When he's around we always run for our lives. We caught the attention of the management but refused to remove the child because of the income.This child came from a well-known family that is why they paid larger than those who were studying there.His private therapist that he behaves well in their house.His schedule is mon-wed-fri in that center.He's very violent he had kicked his classmate which is only 7 years old, punched our supervisor, he also chases my co-interns to hurt them, fractured one intern, then batted my girl classmate with a baseball bat, he head bats his classmates and he used to touch private parts of the intern girls there.It's very horrible! What do you think about the center?Do they have to remove that 27 year old guy out?
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