Big Boobs = Bimbo ???

March 26, 2007 2:00am CST
Is it True or False? Right outside my office where i'm working, there are alot of those stalls that have ladies wearing very low cut tops and most of them have very BIG BOOBS, i'm not kidding you. The occupation of this gals or ladies, massage parlour ladies whom will scout for men walking past their shops and ask them whether they want to have a massage for a certain amount of fee for their services.
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• Singapore
27 Jun 07
It actually depends. Having big boons doesn't mean being a bimbo, as some naturally has it. So, you can't call that a bimbo right? i guess its only when one intentionally enhance their boobs to look good are bimbo, cos its the intention to look good.
@KenYan (19)
• United States
26 Mar 07
NO big boobs equal beauty just like a big butt. Its a blessing to have but how you use it makes your outcome. Everything is for a reason and why some people have something bigger than others is a reason. Oh and by the way dont get caught lookin because it makes you look like a bimbo freak