Besides English, what other language would you like to learn?

March 26, 2007 5:23am CST
I admire people who know two or more languages. And If I will be given the opportunity to study another language I will study French. Because I'm having a hard time pronouncing and understanding it.
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• Philippines
26 Mar 07
i do admire those who speak several languages too. besides english, i used to speak a little conversational spanish and korean but it's difficult to keep it up as i got too busy with others things to continue learning the language. so when time and budget permits, i will start learning spanish and korean again. i tried to speak a few phrases when i was able to visit korea, and it felt good to be mistaken for a local. :) i'm learning a few words in bahasa indonesia as well, due to a few times i've been there. and it's really amusing when people start to think you are a local there too just because you said something in their language. :) i guess some words in bahasa indonesia resembles words in malaysian language as well so it's like shooting two birds with one stone already. :)